Writing a book requires painful choices to be made – especially, if you are personally connected to the topic that you are writing about. You want to throw in EVERYTHING that you know on the subject, so that the reader will get EVERYTHING. But, laying out everything, all at once, tends to drown out the main point. And, the ‘main point’ is your safety.

What you are reading, is actually the fourth edition of this book. And, I threw EVERYTHING into the earlier editions. Well, now comes those ‘painful choices’.

However, there is this thing called the ‘Appendix’. Depending on your stage in life, it can be pretty useless. But, there are times when it isn’t. My hope is that some of you will find this ‘Appendix’ useful. After all, the one in your body is useful, too.

There’s also a more personal reason for why I’m putting material here. It’s all about those ‘painful decisions’. I really want you to know about all this stuff. And, I originally put much of it in the first editions of this book. But, most people can’t handle all of that at once.

So, think of this Appendix as a resource for those of you who want more than what you found in the book. There’s a lot here, and you need to know ALL of it. But, let the book sink in first. Then, read this.

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